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An art-themed icontest community
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Art_Stills has been created to give livejournal members a chance to participate in an art-themed contest community in the hopes of improving our icon-making ability and to have fun. Contests will run on a two-week schedule with awards given to the icons with the most votes. There will also be a moderator's award. All winners will receive a banner they can display on their own journal.

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1. All entries must meet the livejournal standards (GIF, JPG, or PNG format), 100x100 pixels and 40 kb and under. No animation will be allowed unless specifically mentioned.
2. Every two weeks a theme and/or images will be given.
- if only a theme is given, then any work of art may be used to create an icon for the contest.
- if images are provided then they must be used to create the icon. Do not submit an icon you have made from a similar image.

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1. You may submit up to a maximum of 5 icons for each contest.
2. Entries must be submitted in a comment to the contest announcement. All comments will be screened until after voting is completed.
3. DO NOT post your contest entries any place else on the internet until after the voting has been completed and the winners announced.
4. You must supply the URL of your icons using a reliable host that allows remote linking, such as photobucket.com.

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1. Voting will take place in a poll.
2. You may vote for up to 5 icons.
3. Each vote equals a point for the icon and the icon with the most points wins.
4. You may not vote for your own icon. Please do not request friends to vote for your icons either. If this is found to have taken place, you will be banned from the community.

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1. All icon submissions are due by Friday night at MIDNIGHT (EASTERN STANDARD/DAYLIGHT TIME).
2. The submitted icons will be posted late Friday night/early Saturday morning and will be available for voting until Monday at MIDNIGHT (EASTERN STANDARD/DAYLIGHT TIME), unless otherwise specified.
3. The winners will be posted by Tuesday morning.
4. A new challenge will be posted sometime during the voting period.

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